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The Turning and milling combination machining center, specialized processing machine tool for butterfly valve mainly used in the butterfly valve and parts whose both ends need to process, engineering machinery and other parts processing.
Specialized Boring Machine for Valves and Filter, Hydraulic automatic clamping improves efficiency and reduces the personal labor cost.
A multi-functional processing equipment with drilling and tapping. Used for thread hole processing of valve body flange, and drilling and tapping of valve cover. It can complete drilling and tapping continuously under one time parts clamping.
It can be used for valve, pump body, auto parts, engineering machinery parts, etc. Turning of end face, outer circle, stop hole, inner hole, cutting groove, thread, taper hole and ball etc.
Automation, high precision, variety, mass production
Hydraulic automatic horizontal porous drilling machine can realize stepless speed regulation of borehole, to improve drilling efficiency. Combination of porous power heads can be designed according to workpiece.
With 2 axis simultaneous or 3 axis simultaneous application, this specialized valve processing machine greatly simplify previous process for boring and milling work for flange and valve.
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