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Haisen Extended Service
Haisen offers a broad range of services and support to every customer of ours, including Basic Service and Extended Services

1. Basic Service
1)Product Model Selection
2)Product Installation and Commissioning
3)CNC Technical Training
4)Machine Customized
5)Make OEM Machine
6)Packing List, Commercial Invoice etc
7)Consulting Service, such as Maintenance and Some Instruction Documents etc

2. Extended Service
1)Complete Progress Report of Machine Production
2)Accurate Testing Report of Machine
3)Trade Assurance
4)The Most Suitable Container and Transportation Solution
5)Zero Obstacle Russian Communication for Customers Who Only Speak Russian
6)Much Time Warranty According to Customer's Need
7)Wearing Parts Can Be Provided with Machine
8)Other Relevant Service
File Name
Machine Catalog of Haisen Machinery
Inspection of Gantry Milling Machine Center
Playtime: 00:32
Published: 29.04.2016

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