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LithiumBattery Forklift,New Power for Future Development

Most of people are not familiar with the applications of lithium battery.Indeed,only a few top manufactures just started to launch it as an option.

Why lithium battery forklift is the new industry direction?

1. Lower purchase cost

Comparing with traditional lead acid battery,the life time of lithium battery is longer.Under normal condictions of charging and discharging,lead acid battery is within 1,500 charge cycles,while lithium battery is over 4,000 cycles.However,the price of lithium battery is just twice higher than lead acid battery.

Therefore,the return on investment of lithium battery higher as the charging life and service life is over 3 times of lead acid battery.

2. Lower maintenance cost

The bigest disadvantage of traditional lead acid bettery is on the maintenance,as it requires the professional workers to do periodic inspection and electrolyte feeding,it needs to be charged immediately once the power runs out and would be better to be full-charged,and it also requires a special charging warehouse along with a special-assigned personnel to avoid explosion risk.

But,lithium battery has no these disadvantages,which makes the maintenance is much safer and the cost is much lower.

3. Higher Efficency

For lithium battery,the charging and discharging efficency are both higher than lead acid battery.Fast charging is the bigest proof,it only requires 2 hours charging time while lead acid battery needs 10-12 hours.In this case,the operating frequency is higher,which could lower the quantity of emergency batteries use and save the total cost a lot finally!

In addition,1,000Ah lead acid battery has same capacity of 800Ah lithium battery,so the cusomers could choose lower capacity lithium battery,and make use of the fast charging advantage to charge twice or more times per day.It could meet more operating demands of different customers!

4. Wider applications

At the temperature range of -40-60℃,the lithium battery could be used with good performance,for instance,in cold storage and high temperature area.

On the contrary,lower temperature will result in lead acid battery capacity reduction while higher temperature will bring serious battery damage easily.

CNMHE will launch lithium battery and charger designed for electric pallet trucks and stackers,to bring a revolutional advanced battery solution for our alliance members!

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