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Economic Products Line

CNMHE launched a full range of economic products line

The full electric economic warehouse equipment nowadays is the most popular items and take the largest quantity in exporting list. Why does the demand for full electric economic warehouse equipment have a blowout?

1. The rising cost in labor costs in global countries result in the persistently decline of Return On Investment(ROI) of manual products, which make the market need alternatives very urgently.

2. TOP brands don’t put the full electric economic models in their developing schedule. There is no competitors except the products made in China.

3. Cost advantages. With the increase of sales volume, costs decrease a lot for production and spare parts, which make the prices and quality be more and more competitive.

Based understanding of the needs in the market, CNMHE has developed a full range of economic products line:

1. Pallet trucks, capacity of 1.5 t -2 tons.

2. Stacker, capacity of 1.0 tons 1.2 tons 1.5 tons.

3. Lithium battery is optional. Fast charging and maintenance-free.

4. Pallet truck, there are options for pedestrian and rider operation.

5. Stacker, mid-riding straddle type is available, no skidding.

6. Fork over stacker, dual lifting model is available.

7. Motors: horizontal, vertical DC, vertical AC drive motor is optional.

8. Customized attachments are provided.

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