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Three-way stacker based on electric reach truck

1. This system is three-way stack system based on 2 tons capacity reach truck.

2. Capacity for three-way reach truck:Right&Left way: 700kg;Available pallet size:1200X1200mm,Overall width for attachment: Around 1400mm;

3. The proposed aisle width:≥1600mm

4. Three-way stacker with three functions:

① Intermediate frame translation length: 1010 mm.

② Fork carriage max rotated angle: 180 °.

③ Fork tilt angle, forward and backward:+ 3 ° / -5 °.

5. Three-way reach truck requires additional 3 groups of oil line(One group could use the tilt cylinder oil line).

6. Reach truck carriage and attachment is designed as integrated structure; Horizontal stability of lifting system is enhanced. The stability of whole vehicle systems is strengthened. Specific improvements are included in the following proposed solutions: A. Appropriate height limit is used in the original lifting height, increase contact radio of frames. Make limits lifting cylinder; B. Beams are welded in the right places of internal and external frame to increase the frame strength; C.Adding two links between the external frame and overhead guard. D. Accurate adjustment is need on the mast system to ensure that the vertical gap is substantially the same; E. Two groups of side guide loading wheels should be added on both sides of truck body, to guarantee the direction stability when traveling in the aisle.

7. Three-way stacker is assembled with improved reach truck in the main engine plants, and then well adjusted.

Three-way pallet stacker system parameters based on reach truck

Reach truck

Mast: duplex mast and 7 meter lift height,
Four slices of valve and pipeline,Battery&Charger: made in China

Three-way stacker
Capacity: 700kg Pallet size: 1200/1200
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