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Ladder Brother

Want to replace your ponderous ladders and find a productive and safer alternative solution? CNMHE brings you a totally new style of working by “Ladder Brother”.

At present, in many retail stores, portable ladders are still widely used for order picking and inventory purpose. When it comes to evaluating whether the traditional ladder is your best choice, the answer is No.


1.Safety Assurance.

You don’t want any additional risks such as employees climbing up ladders and falling. You will never expect when you will fall into such a bad condition, although you are always very conscious of this. But with “Ladder brother”, you can load off your mind and enjoy smiling from your employees.


In common usage of retail stores, after simple training, any people can do most of work alone with help of “Ladder brother” while before, the same work would take two people and two ladders and triple or even quadruple hours.

3.Cost performance

You can see various sorts of product in current market designed to replace the old fashion ladders, but you will find either they are not that good in work performance comparing with your ladder or else they are too expensive to cover their edges on promoting safety and efficiency. Do the math on overall cost of “Ladder brother” by yourself and make your final choice.

By collecting suggestions and requests from market, with hard works by the most professional engineers and the best mechanical designers from CNMHE, the “Ladder Brother” – applying imported driving parts, reliable, productive, comfortable, efficient – is expected to be released in October.

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