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  • 01 Human error of the operator

    According to the data statistics of the production line, most of the machining center collisions are caused by the operator's operating errors. For example, during the tool setting process, the speed of the machine tool drive shaft is too fast, resulting in the collision; for example, the coordinate value of the machine axis Input errors cause tool collisions during spindle machining, which is the most common cause of tool collisions in machining centers.
    Therefore, improving the professionalism and sense of responsibility of the machining center operators is the best way to prevent the machining center from hitting the knife, especially the sense of responsibility of the machining center operators, which is an absolute culprit.
    In fact, the professionalism of the operator can be cultivated, because the back and forth are the few commands and data. Anyone with relevant professional knowledge can master this skill in a short period of time, but the operator’s sense of responsibility is difficult. specification.
    Moreover, in order to avoid the responsibility of hitting the knife, many operators basically do not take the initiative to admit their own operating errors. They all attribute the hitting to the machine's own failure, and they also plausibly beat back.
    Even many people, including the managers of the production line, think that it is inevitable for the operator of the machining center to hit the knife. Just a few more hits. If you have experience, you won't be hit. What kind of logic is this? Nonsense.
    In fact, the damage to the machine tool caused by the impact of the machining center is very serious, especially the damage to the machining accuracy of the machine tool, which is basically irreversible damage, especially for some high-precision machine tools. After several collisions, the accuracy is basically the same. Lost, it seems that there is not much change on the surface, in fact, the accuracy of the machine tool is no longer there.
    Therefore, we must try to avoid the machine tool hitting a knife. There is not much difference between a machine tool hitting a knife and a car hitting a wall. For mechanical equipment, it is a suicidal behavior.

    02 Workpiece clamping failure

    The second reason why the machine tool hits the tool is the clamping failure of the processed workpiece. For example, if the processed workpiece is loose during the machining process, the part will move due to the cutting force of the tool. At this time, it is easy to cause the tool to hit. It is easy to cause dangerous accidents such as throwing the workpiece out of the fixture, or even breaking the door and window glass of the machine tool.
    In addition, for many automatic processing production lines, there may be clamping errors caused by inaccurate positioning of the parts. For example, when the robot puts the parts on the fixture, the placement position is deviated, which causes the parts to not be clamped in place. If there is no corresponding If the workpiece is in position detection switch, the tool may hit the tool during the cutting process.
    And because the automatic production line is fully automated processing, the operator does not intervene in the processing of the machine tool during the processing, so it is difficult to manually find the problems caused by the clamping, which further increases the probability of hitting the knife.
    At the same time, during the machining process of the machine tool, the wear and damage of the tool can also easily cause the machine tool to hit the tool. For example, the tool suddenly collapses or breaks, which causes the tool to lose the cutting force, but the feed of the machine tool does not stop. At this time, it is easy to cause tool collision, so real-time monitoring of the load of the feed direction of the machine tool should be carried out. If there is an abnormality, it must be able to actively stop the machine, so as to minimize the damage to the machine tool caused by the tool collision.

    03 Machine movement failure

    The so-called machine tool failure refers to the out-of-control state of the operating system of the machine tool. For example, when the machine tool is executing a processing program, its processing path does not follow the path of the processing program, but a large deviation occurs. At this time, the machine tool will hit the tool.
    And this kind of cutting tool is very scary. Suddenly, I found that the cutting of the machine tool was abnormal. I once encountered it. During the machining process, a 20-inch end mill was machined in the past, sparks were splashed and abnormal. Loud.
    Later, the detection was due to a problem with a certain motion module of the control system of the machine tool. Of course, such cases are relatively rare, but there are many such excuses. Many operators make mistakes in their own operations and use this reason to do it. As an excuse for hitting the knife, he tried to evade responsibility and punishment, and this reason is also difficult to find.
    Especially some domestic numerical control systems, because these systems do have certain instability, they may appear once or twice a year, but they give many people the excuse of "touching porcelain".
    Therefore, the orderly, timely and professional operation and maintenance of processing equipment is a very important thing. Don't overload the processing equipment, otherwise the gain will not be worth the loss.

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