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The lathe is dry round things, the milling machine is dry flat, and the boring machine is dry hole. Lathe processing is the rotation of the workpiece without the tool rotating; the processing of the milling machine is the rotation of the tool without the
Cold heading: It is to use the plasticity of metal to apply pressure or cold drawing by cold mechanics to achieve the purpose of solid metal deformation.
Fifteen principles commonly used in the selection of CNC tools
In the process of our industrial production, if we want to quickly process precision parts in batches, and make these precision hardware parts processing fall into the standard range, it can bring many advantages to our production and life.
Cutting tools are often divided into turning tools, hole processing tools, milling cutters, broaching tools, threading tools, gear tools, automatic lines, CNC machine tools and reamers according to the processing methods and specific uses.
In simple terms, a CNC lathe is a machine tool controlled by numbers. This is an automated machine tool with program automation control. The entire system can logically process the program specified by the control code or other symbolic instructions, and
Simply put, the machining center is an upgraded version of the CNC milling machine
The feed grinding process of the grinder is divided into three stages. These three stages indicate the relationship between the grinder, the grinding wheel, and the work when the grinder is working, which is a truth that every grinder operator should unde
In the late 1950s, the United States established a world machining center. Today, the machine tool manufacturing industry has entered the era of CNC machine tools. In terms of scientific research, design, production and application of CNC machine tools, t
In today's machining field, CNC lathes have been widely used in various fields. The use of CNC lathes can avoid problems due to insufficient structural rigidity, poor seismic resistance, and large frictional resistance on the sliding surface. And it is ve
Cold heading: It is to use the plasticity of metal to apply pressure or cold drawing by cold mechanics to achieve the purpose of solid metal deformation.   The forging method of thickening the top of a bar or wire at room temperature is also called c
According to the data statistics of the production line, most of the machining center collisions are caused by the operator's operating errors. For example, during the tool setting process, the speed of the machine tool drive shaft is too fast, resulting
The machining center integrates oil, gas, electricity, and numerical control. It can clamp all kinds of complex parts such as disks, plates, shells, cams, molds, etc., and can complete drilling, milling, boring, expansion, reaming, Rigid tapping and other
The cold heading (pressing) of the fastener products is completed by a press and an automatic cold heading machine. In the cold forging, single-station, and multi-station cold forging, the shape of the semi-finished product of upsetting (pressing) in the
The CNC milling machine was developed on the basis of a general milling machine. The processing technology of the two is basically the same, and the structure is somewhat similar, but the CNC milling machine is an automatic processing machine controlled b
1. Structure difference: CNC machining center is controlled by at least three axes, while CNC lathe is controlled by two axes. 2. Tool difference: CNC machining center has a tool magazine, and CNC lathe uses a tool post. There are more classifications of
Machining centers are often divided into vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, gantry machining centers, and universal machining centers according to the state of the spindle in the space. The main shaft of the machining center is vert
What is the best turning tool angle? After years of doing lathes, I finally know what is the best?
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