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The lathe is dry round things, the milling machine is dry flat, and the boring machine is dry hole. Lathe processing is the rotation of the workpiece without the tool rotating; the processing of the milling machine is the rotation of the tool without the
Cold heading: It is to use the plasticity of metal to apply pressure or cold drawing by cold mechanics to achieve the purpose of solid metal deformation.
Fifteen principles commonly used in the selection of CNC tools
In the process of our industrial production, if we want to quickly process precision parts in batches, and make these precision hardware parts processing fall into the standard range, it can bring many advantages to our production and life.
Cutting tools are often divided into turning tools, hole processing tools, milling cutters, broaching tools, threading tools, gear tools, automatic lines, CNC machine tools and reamers according to the processing methods and specific uses.
In simple terms, a CNC lathe is a machine tool controlled by numbers. This is an automated machine tool with program automation control. The entire system can logically process the program specified by the control code or other symbolic instructions, and
Simply put, the machining center is an upgraded version of the CNC milling machine
What is the best turning tool angle? After years of doing lathes, I finally know what is the best?
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