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  • cnc machines CK series CNC horizontal lathe with high precision, large power and high rigidity. the main components and structure have optimized design, can process shaft, plate, set, contour surface, and screw type artifacts.

    lathe In mechanical processing, we will encounter many round products, mainly shafts, discs, sleeves and other workpieces with rotating surfaces. Such products often have high precision and high finish requirements. Dongguan CNC lathe processing manufacturer Zhuan Xin Precision has 3 precision computer lathes and engineers with more than ten years of processing experience. The precision of hardware prototype parts and small batches of hardware processed by CNC lathes can reach +/-0.005MM, and the finish can reach RA0. 8.

    Zhuanxin Precision & Precision Lathe Processing
    Let's take a look at how CNC lathes process hardware prototype parts and small batches of hardware?

    1. At the beginning, the new engineer will review the drawing first to see if the product is suitable for CNC milling or CNC lathe processing. If it is a CNC lathe product, the engineer will draw the turning drawing based on the 3D and 2D files provided by the customer. files.

    2. When the lathe master obtains the drawing file, he must first formulate the process requirements of the parts and the batch size of the processed workpieces, and then look at the structural size, processing range and accuracy requirements of the parts. Then draw up reasonable processing steps.

    3. During the machining process, the machine should be roughed first and then finished. There should be a lot of margin when roughing, and there will be a clamping position for finishing.

    4. Every time a size is processed, it must be measured first, and the next size can be processed only after reaching the standard, in order to be reworked for fear of inaccurate processing.

    5. Whether it is hardware prototype parts or hardware small batches, our lathe masters will conduct self-inspection after processing. During the processing process, quality colleagues will conduct irregular inspections and random inspections, as well as complete inspections after processing.

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