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  • Main Taiwan and Japanese configuration, precise linear guideway, μ class precision turning, spindle speed above 5000rpm, feeding speed above 20m/min.
    About C series, using synchronization of motorized spindle. The spindle and feed shaft have synchronous servo configuration, making machining precision into the higher class.

    Typical workpiece


    Haisen Automatic Gang Type CNC Lathe for Steel Bar Processing with Gantry Loader

  • S Series Automatic Gang Type Flat Bed CNC Lathe

    Main parameters Unit S5 S7 S5C S7C
    Capability Max. swing diameter mm 400/98 400/98 400/98 400/98
    (over bed/over cross slide)
    Max. turning length mm 200 300 200 300
    Max. bar through-hole mm 20(25) 2635 20(25) 2635
    Axis Stroke X-axis travel mm 280 320 280 320
    Z-axis travel mm 240 315 240 315
    Rapid Traverse speed X/Z-axis m/min 20 20 20 20
    Spindle Spindle nose size N/A A2-4 A2-5 A2-4 A2-5
    Spindle through hole diameter mm 3537 48 3537 48
    Spindle servo motor power kW (asynchronous )2.2/3.7 (asynchronous )3.7/5.5 synchronous electric spindle synchronous electric spindle
    Spindle speed range rpm 05000 05000 06000 06000
    Workpiece clamping method N/A homemade collet homemade collet homemade collet homemade collet
    Tool holder Number of tools PCS 5 5 5 5
    Tool holder type N/A Dovetail row of tools Dovetail row of tools Dovetail row of tools Dovetail row of tools
    OPT T-slot blade row+live tool T-slot blade row+live tool T-slot blade row+live tool T-slot blade row+live tool

    Tool holder center height in radial

    mm 50 50 50 50
    Tool size mm 16*16 16*16 16*16 16*16
    Boring rod diameter mm 25 25 25 25
    Accuracy X\Z axis repeating positioning accuracy mm 0.002 0.002 0.002 0.002
    Others Cooling motor capacity L 120 120 120 120
    Hydraulic oil box capacity L 60 60 60 60
    Required electric power kVA 7 8 7 8
    Height from floor to spindle center mm 1070 1070 1070 1070
    Overall size(L*W*H) mm 1500*1250*1650 1650*1300*1650 1500*1250*1650 1650*1300*1650
    Net weight kg 1200 1700 1200 1700
    Standard tool box, instruction book, operational manual, cooling system , lighting system, lubrication system
    Optional hydraulic collet (chuck), foot switch, program control blowing function, precision C axis dividing, power spindle head , automatic door, loading and unloading system, industrial robotic, automatic bar feeder, receiving device for bar materials, chip conveyor, automatic detection system, automatic cutter radius compensation system, high-pressure cooling system.

    CK Series Flat Bed CNC Lathe

    Specifications CK6140 CK6150 CK6161 CK6166 CK6180
    Max .Swing over bed 400mm 500mm 610mm 660mm 800mm
    Max. Work piece Length 750/1000/1500/2000/3000mm
    Spindle taper Mohs No.6 MT6 [Φ90 1:20(B type )] [Φ113 1:20(C type)]
    Chuck size C6 [D8(B type, C type)]
    Spindle bore diameter Φ52mm. [Φ80mm (B type)] [Φ105mm (C type)]
    Spindle speeds Independent spindle
    3 steps automatic speed change
    21-1620rpm(I 162-1620 II 66-660 III 21-210)
    Tailstock center sleeve travel 150mm
    Tailstock center sleeve taper MT5
    Positioning accuracy ±0.015mm
    Repositioning accuracy ±0.006mm
    X/Z rapid traverse 3/6m/min
    Spindle motor 7.5kw 11kw
    Packing dimensions for 750mm 2550×1550×1700mm 2550×1550×1900mm
    Packing dimensions for 1000mm 2750×1550×1700mm 2750×1550×1900mm
    Packing dimensions for 1500mm 3250×1550×1700mm 3250×1550×1900mm
    Packing dimensions for 2000mm 3700×1550×1700mm 3700×1550×1900mm
    Packing dimensions for 3000mm 4710×1550×1700mm 4710×1550×1900mm
    G.W./N.W. for 750mm 2800/2100 kg 2900/2120kg 2850/2250kg 2900/2300kg 3000/2400kg
    G.W./N.W. for 1000mm 2900/2200kg 3000/2240kg 3000/2400kg 3050/2450kg 3150/2550kg
    G.W./N.W. for 1500mm 3150/2300kg 3200/2350kg 3200/2600kg 3250/2650kg 3350/2750kg
    G.W./N.W. for 2000mm 3350/2700kg 3400/2740kg 3400/2830kg 3450/2880kg 3550/2980kg
    G.W./N.W. for 3000mm 4100/3500kg 4200/3600kg 4250/3650kg 4300/3700kg 4400/3800kg

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