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Acquire full of technology from Korean company. Maximum clamping bar diameter 38 mm, which can realize unattended 24 hours production.
Precise linear guideway, gang type or turret type CNC lathe, whole casting structure, making precise turning more stability. Optional synchronous motorized spindle.
Main Taiwan and Japanese configuration, precise linear guideway, μ class precision turning, spindle speed above 5000rpm, feeding speed above 20m/min.
The strict machine inspection will be done before out of factory. Each machine adopts laser interferometer to detect the X, Z axis positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy, to ensure the stable accuracy of machine tool.
cnc machines CK series CNC horizontal lathe with high precision, large power and high rigidity. the main components and structure have optimized design, can process shaft, plate, set, contour surface, and screw type artifacts.
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