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  • T Series Gantry Loader Multi CNC Lathes Combination

    Entirety · High efficiency · Reliable integrated machine automation, is ideal choice for mass products to realize smart production.

    (1) Entirely: Integration design for CNC lathe and auto-loading/unloading system, makes two parties perfectly combined together. no matter from appearance, performance optimization, reliable quality, or from after-sales service, competitive price etc, all with outstanding performance.

    (2) High efficiency: Taking technique advantages from CNC lathe and automation fields, makes whole automation perform more fully, bring higher efficiency. On technique support, one station with all direction service will make communication more smoothly and service more convenient.

    (3) Reliability: Premise for realizing automatic production is stability, whole design advantage for whole machine automation makes machines more reliable.

    two lathes combination in gantry loader

    multi-lathes combination in gantry loader


    Gang Type Automatic CNC Lathe Machine with Robot Arm

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